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Quad Matrox (2011-3-4)

including the new best Nvidia or ATI? The settings on my PC is the Asus P5K-VM, Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4, 2GB 800Mhz RAM, 550 offers weight RT.X 100 Extreme Pro Matrox video editing card for use of the latter. Plz if some advice that my best PC for better performance of Latest Nvidia or [...]

Lcd Video (2011-3-3)

What video card or video memory on a laptop affect video playback when connected to an LCD TV? If I send the laptop video output to TV with a VGA cable will be the quality of the video card affect video quality I saw on TV? Specifically, I want to watch movies on my laptop, [...]

Lcd Monitor (2011-1-28)

Monitor panel prices slowed by increased shipments of Chimei Innolux WCC (MIC) increased the production of LCD panels, officers Group desire to increase the overall price control panel have not been successful. Samsung Syncmaster 22″ 3D Gaming LCD Monitor [affmage source="ebay" results="100"]Lcd Monitor[/affmage]

Vga Refurbished (2010-10-5)

VGA or DVI does make a difference? I have this Dell monitor (came with my computer) = 123620 and fp = F & = 14110944 = 11920774 and ci_src ci_sku My question is, Is there any difference to upgrade to a DVI video card? Is there a difference as it passes from the definition [...]

Screen Panel (2010-10-1)

Screen dreams: JCC Filmfest returns high jumpers, sumo wrestlers, midwives, representatives of the city in disgrace, soldiers, victims of terrorism, Israelis, Palestinians, and some of Beachwood all weave their stories on the big screen this month as part of Leonard Krieger centers Mandel Jewish Community Cleveland Jewish Filmfest. The VIA VIPRO Touch Screen Panel PC [...]

Display Laptop (2010-8-10)

Using the registry cleaner software to a laptop without a screen? I had an answer to my earlier item: laptop does not have a external monitor and display on the screen. I suggested the registry cleaner. However, the laptop can not display anything. If you do not see anything on the screen, how I can [...]

Display Screen (2010-7-10)

How to change the outdoor screen on a Motorola Razr? I have a new Razr and allows me to change the screen display inside but not outside How do I do? I do not think you can. I have a RAZR V3, and the external screen only change when the inside does. They do not [...]

Screen Display (2010-7-2)

"I can show the screen of a mobile phone in a normal LCD monitor? Is it possible that I can see the mobile phone screen monitor in a larger LCD screen (5 inches or more.) Please tell me which cell phones (Make and model n) supports this feature and also accessories needed for this DAT [...]

Glossy Led (2010-4-15)

The monitors are not supposed to run a kind of glossy paper? I just bought a monitor LED (LG), compared with 5000000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time HDMI etc Just ask LED screens arent meant to be brilliant, mine is a mate? The Monitors come in a choice matte and gloss. My LG Flatron is boring, [...]

Normal Lcd (2010-2-4)

"I can buy a LCD monitor and use normal game console games like PS2 or Xbox? * * Good LCD capable of connecting to the console * any price-value brands that I really recommended computer monitors with liquid crystal would not go over $ 200 and can be used for consoles. Suggestions? Yes, if there [...]